How to make a dog house ?

Many dog owners ask me for details of dog kennel.With this site i would like to answer this question in detail

for dog home ,                                                                                                                   as the health & well being of dogs depend to a great extent to a place where they are housed .

most of my clients are situated in INDORE city and its surroundings so the details are accordingly.

  1. dog house should be located in an elevated , well drained and sunny place .
  2. it should be well built , well ventilated & should be warm in winters , cold in summer .
  3. south – east facing house is preferred
  4. dog house must have adequate sun rays
  5. the size of dog kennel depends on the size of dog breed & the numberr to be accomodated
  6. the dog must get ample provision to jump about freely turn round and change their position in sleep
  7. floor should be made of concrete in such a way so that cleaning can easily done

                                       conventionally the dogs are not kept in separate house

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